The Science Behind TerraClean

TerraClean and the Science Behind it.

TerraClean is a very simple principle, it removes carbon deposits from engine internals that are having a negative effect on the efficiency of the engine.

Once we restore efficiency we then benefit from improved Performance, MPG and Emissions.

The process of TerraCleaning engines was discovered by accident, a Canadian engineers who were experimenting with highly refined fuel and a process called Columbic Fractionation.

The aim was to develop a zero emissions engine and along the way they quickly realised that the technology they were experimenting with was leaving no carbon deposits within the test bed engines they where using.

They then applied the same technology to used test bed engines that already had carbon deposits inside and quickly found that the deposits had been removed from the internal parts including the fuel injectors, inlet valves, combustion chambers, exhaust valves and catalytic converters once they had been run for a short time using the very same technology found in todays TerraClean machines.

10 years on and here we are, using that very same technology on the aftermarket to restore lost efficiency to used engines in cars, vans, trucks, boats, etc.


Respected motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG in his Sunday Mirror column.


Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance with improved drivability


The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning service removes most deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions, for a cleaner greener drive.